• Your application is large?

    Applications built on the UnityBase contain thousands of server entities and client forms. Real case studies with tens of thousands concurrent sessions for a single app server.

  • Are you planning to grow?

    Up to 50   000 RPS (Request Per Second) with regard to access the database on a regular Core i7 workstation. More on increasing power or the number of servers. Databases: Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL; Cloud: Azure, AWS;

  • Long-term support?

    A standardized approach starting from describing the server-side model and up to generate the UI and database structure. All the sources is on the server in clear text and available for modifications. The developed systems are maintainable for many years.

  • How about integration with.....?

    Out from the box: HTTP(S), WS(S), (D)COM, shell, FFI, NodeJS modules, POP, SMTP, WebDAV, openID, OData; Security: TLS, Negotiate, OTP, E-sign; Notification: E-mail, SMS, Push. Direct database access for many RDBMS.

18 years of evolution. From workgroups to enterprise