UnityBase is a Low-Code Development Platform


A platform providing the infrastructure required to accelerate Enterprise-level application development by 5 to 10 times and its execution either in the cloud or on-premises.


The solution consists of inbuilt highly customizable models and components that enable the fast configuration of complex mission-critical business applications.


Every Enterprise-level application has a common structure, and there are a set of must-have components and respective tools that form the foundation of a solution.




Differentiation Points


Supports model-driven application design and development. It has inbuilt ready to use models and components, which considerably speed up the app development process.

The process coordination capability adopted by UnityBase includes sets of standard workflows and an order of process execution that can be configured in order to meet business requirements.  

It’s rich-client automatically generated User Interface (UI) allows a user to test an application before it is fully configured. Moreover, it is possible to create a unique UI (Front-End) and connect it to an already developed Back-End.

The platform is based on a common programming language that covers both Client and Server development sides; requires no additional staff training.

When performing a task, UnityBase based applications are more productive and require less hardware.

It enables logging and authentication, as well as user permissions management.

UnityBase provides for a variety of ready-made analytics capabilities, such as reports generation, dashboard, charts, KPI measuring and heat maps.

The platform manages each part (instance) of an app separately, and so allows alterations without taking the entire application offline.

It includes pre-built integration blocks with other systems such as Salesforce, MS SharePoint, GoogleMaps, FastTax, DocuSign, etc.

The platform generates APIs to facilitate communication between devices, applications and the database (the development process happens via APIs as well).

UnityBase features code reuse and saves developers’ time and related software development process resources.

UnityBase supports both desktop and mobile clients for the application development.


From a technical point of view, UnityBase is a multithread synchronous JavaScript runtime built on Mozilla's SpiderMonkey JavaScript engine with built-in event-driven, non-blocking HTTP server and database drivers for the most popular databases, provided by Synopse OpenSource project.  UnityBase' package ecosystem compatible with npm - the largest ecosystem of open source libraries in the world.