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UnityBase facilitates the quick build and launch of new digital products and services delivering a convenient, simple and engaging customer experience.

Just bring your specific Data to furnish the solution with the elements unique to your specific Enterprise logic.

UnityBase Benefits


Visual Configuration

New apps are visually configured so development requires less hand-coding

Audit Trails

The inbuilt auto-recording system helps keep track of any changes of data or processes

Easy Integration

The platform both generates its own APIs and easily uses external APIs to organically integrate with major platforms

Version Control

UnityBase contains an effective version control system for the application itself, all processes, and related documents

Simple Development

It is not just for Pro Developers, but also for Citizen Developers, enabling them to deliver solutions fast and with no specialized training.

Collaboration Tools

The platform lets Business Users, Pro developers, and Citizen Developers work together on the application's development


UnityBase is a Low-Code Development Platform - a platform providing the infrastructure required to accelerate Enterprise-level application development by 5 to 10 times and its execution either in the cloud or on-premises. The solution consists of inbuilt highly customizable models and components that enable the fast configuration of complex mission-critical business applications.