UnityBase #

In this section, you can find the necessary documentation to work with UnityBase.

  • Getting started describes a step-by-step example of creating a simple project for citizens request on city departments

  • Server API documentation describes Application server objects, which are supplied in the open UB distribution

  • Client API documentation describes Data layer for accessing UnityBase server from Browser or NodeJS

  • AdminUI API documentation describes ExtJS-based admin UI client, useful for quick prototyping your app and creating an interface for administrators

  • WiKi contains solutions for typical tasks

Briefly #

The main purpose of UnityBase is to provide a set of modules for rapid development of RMS and EDRMS class software.

From the low level point of view UnityBase is a asynchronous non-blocking HTTP(S) server with a:

  • Built-in synchronous multi-thread JavaScript engine SpiderMonkey
  • Built-in Database access for a most known RDBMS
  • Built-in file systems access

UB5 Server Architecture

From a developer point of view UnityBase is:

  • An DBMS agnostic ORM what work over application Domain metadata
  • Authorization, authentication, role based access control, row level security, audit trail, etc
  • A set of ready to use entities appropriate for the majority of enterprise systems
  • Automatically generated admin UI based on Domain
  • A set of tools for
    • synchronizing a physical database structure with Domain metadata
    • generating REST API based on Domain metadata
    • generating developer documentation from Domain metadata