Example of creating a Unity Base 5 project #

Getting Started with UB 5 #

The process of installing and configuring the UB 5 project, creating models and initializing the interface.

Model initialization and localization using code #

The process of configuring the project using code:

  • Creating desktops and shortcuts;
  • Import of datasets and prepared tabular data;
  • Adding localization.

Creating custom forms #

The process of creating forms in the Admin UI:

  • Element positioning on a form;
  • Creating a detail panel on a form;
  • Adding a filter to the drop-down list;
  • Loading and displaying documents in the form;
  • Creating a file storage.

Role Based Access Control #

The process of configuring RBAC:

  • Creating users and roles with Admin UI and using code;
  • Access to the desktop and menu items;
  • Creating permissions to the entity methods for the user's roles(Entity level security);
  • Creating permissions to the certain rows of entity`s data(Row-level security).

Mixins. DataHistory. SoftLock. Creating your own server method #

Using ready-made methods - mixins:

  • DataHistory;
  • SoftLock;
  • SafeDelete.

Creating your own functionality based on the server method.

Integration with external API #

The process of communication with external services:

  • Sending request to external API;
  • Receiving request from external API.

Administrator tools #

Using Administrator tools for:

  • Building templates for reports based on data fetching;
  • Creating diagrams of relationships between model entities;
  • Auditing processes occurring in the system.

Using MANY datatype in UB application #

Overview of:

  • Creating the Many datatype attribute;
  • SELECT to the Many attribute;
  • Working properly with the Many attribute.

Creating your own web-page based on JQuery + UB Server #

How to create the client-side part for your application using JQuery + Bootstrap and how to establish its connection with the UB server.
And how to build your project using the webpack.

Creating your own web-page based Vue.js + Element UI + UB Server #

How to create the client-side part for your application using Vue.js