Example of creating a Unity Base 5 project

Getting Started with UB 5

The process of installing and configuring the UB 5 project, creating models and initializing the interface.

Models initialization using code. Localization of the project.

Used for initial configuration of projects

  • with desktops and shortcuts data;
  • with preset rigths;
  • import of datasets and prepared tabular data;
  • description of localization files for interface elements.

Creating custom forms

The process of creating forms in the admin UI:

  • Element positioning on a form;
  • Creating a detail panel on a form;
  • Adding a filter to the drop-down list;
  • Loading and displaying documents in the form;
  • Create a file storage.

Role Based Access Control (RBAC).

  • Creating users and roles with Admin UI and using code;
  • Access to the desktop and menu items;
  • Creating permissions to the entity methods for the user's roles(Entity level security);
  • Creating permissions to the certain rows of entity`s data.(Row-level security)

DataHistory. SoftLock. Creating your own server method.

Using ready-made methods - mixins - for several entities

  • DataHistory
  • SoftLock
  • SafeDelete

An example of creating your own functionality based on the server method.

Integration with external services

  • Sending request to external api and storing data
  • Receiving request with query string or json body

Administrator tools

Building templates for reports based on data fetching, creating diagrams of relationships between model entities, and auditing processes occurring in the system.

Using MANY datatype in UB application

  • Creating Many datatype attribute
  • SELECT to the Many attribute

The attributes of MANY datatype have some specificity. Consider an example that demonstrates the use of this type of data attribute.

Creating your own web-page based JQuery + UB Server

An example demonstrates how to create a client part on the JQuery + Bootstrap platform and ensure its connection with the UB server and build the project using webpack

Creating your own web-page based Vue.js + Element UI + UB Server

Simple Vue client