Release of UnityBase 4.2 stable

UnityBase 4.2 stable is released. Open edition is on the download page.


  • rules for cache files with meta and def extension using ETag are removed from `defHeadersPostprocessors.json`


  • PostgreSQL: fix port parsing from connection config (prev implementation ignore port and always use a defaul 5432)
  • getDomainInfo in extended mode will return entity definition even if entity don't have methods (virtual entity for example)
  • getDomainInfo will return a JSON-encoded appConfig.connection.advSettings (allow to use a special chars, for example to define apath to Postgres

Don't forget to upgrade a ubcli utility:  npm i -g @unitybase/ubcli@1.2.0 --registry= 

UB4.x will be activly supported for a 1 year period.

Our team now working on UnityBase 5. The main features of UB5 is:

  • Linux edition (both OpenUB & commertial)
  • "no more globals": all server-side globals will be replaced by modules, so now linter and IDE will be happy. Small example:

prev (confused) code: UB.Reposiroty(.....)

new: const UB = require('@unitybase/ub'); UB.Repository(....)

  • lower memory usage: SpiderMonkey engines will share some memory between runtimes (save up to 20% of RAM