Release of UnityBase 4.2.2

UnityBase 4.2.2 hotfix is released. Open edition is on the download page.

Include hot fixes & Oracle DDL generator (for EE & DE editions)

Warning: If you unable to debug a server-side using Firefox 58.0.2 for Windows, please downgrade Firefox to 57.x or use a Firefox Developer edition (58.*)


  •  remove warnings about `reconfigure` during FireFox remote debugger connecting
  •  use the same algorithm to resolve module name passed to the command line option `ub something.js` as in node. This fix execution of locally installed `ubcli`
  •  UB.UBAbort server side exception stack trace now independent of UB.js placement
  • fixed SQL query named parameter parser - valid parameter must mutch :[a..z,A..Z].*: pattern  
  • JSON escaping of server-side error message for `production` server mode


  • logging of FireFox remote debug protocol now enabled only if FF_RDP_DEBUG environment variable is defined