new UBQL()#

UnityBase Query Language formal definition. Recommended way to create a UBQL is ClientRepository.

UBQL JSON representation can be retrieved from Repository using ClientRepository.ubql()


entity: stringinstance #

Entity name

fieldList: Array<string>instance #

Attributes array

groupBy: Array<string>instance #

Optional array of attributes names to use in group by clause

ID: numberinstance #

Optional ID. If exists then this is equal to adding a where condition ID = IDValue but bypass cache for cached entities

joinAs: Array<string>instance #

Optional array of condition names to use in join clause instead of where clause of result SQL

logicalPredicates: stringinstance #

Optional logical concatenation of WHERE conditions

method: stringinstance #

Method name

options: Objectinstance #

Optional options for building SQL. See CustomRepository.misc documentation for possible values

orderBy: Object<string, UBQLOrderItem>instance #

Optional order by

whereList: Object<string, UBQLWhere>instance #

Optional named conditions. Object keys is condition name