# allowForAdminOwnerAndAdmTable (ctxtubMethodParams) static

For members of Admin group and for users root and admin do nothing.

For other users adds condition what

  • either current user is a record owner
  • OR user or one of user role in {$entity}_adm sub-table


# currentUserInGroup (groupname) → * static

is current ( Session.userID) user have role with name groupname

  • groupname:

    group name from uba_role

# federalize () static

Dirty hack for federalized entities (for example ubs_numcounter) work without FED model.

FED model define good realization of RLS.federalize - this is only stub

# userInAdmSubtable () static

Check user in adm subtable no user group check performed!

# userInGroup (user, groupname) → String static

todo - OPTIMIZE using role cache

  • user:
  • groupname:

# userOrUserGroupInAdmSubtable () static

Check user or any of user groups in adm subtable /* xmax using ORACLE _todo check oracle syntax!!