Definition (stubs) for build-in UnityBase modules & globals - such stubs are used by IDEs.




# SignatureValidationResult static

A crypto-library independent signature validation result


  • valid boolean

    Is signature match document

  • errorMessage string

    filled in case valid is false

  • errorCode number

    Error code from library

  • warnings string

    Optional warnings about signatures (for example - annotations in PDF)

  • tspValid boolean

    Is timestamp retrieved from authorised source (not from local computer)

  • ocspVerified boolean

    Is signer certificate status verified during signing

  • hardwareKeyUsed boolean

    Is hardware token used to made signature

  • signingTime Date

    Time of signing. In case tspValid this time is taken from authorised source using TSP protocol, in other case - this is UNTRUSTED time of local signer computer

  • isDigitalStamp Boolean

    Is signature certificate is a digital time stamp (печать)

  • certificate Object

    Signer certificate information. In case valid===false certificate may not exists (or broken) and this property is empty object

  • certificate.keyUsage String

    String with key usage information

  • certificate.serial String

    Certificate serial number

  • certificate.validFrom Date

    Certificate valid starting from this date

  • certificate.validTo Date

    Certificate valid up to this date

  • certificate.issuedBy Object

    Certificate issuer info

  • certificate.issuedBy.orgName String

    Organization name what issue certificate

  • certificate.issuedBy.fullName String

    Authority name what issue certificate

  • String

    Authority location country

  • certificate.issuedBy.locality String

    Authority location locality

  • certificate.issuedBy.issuerID String

    Authority ID

  • certificate.issuedBy.orgUnit opt String

    Authority organization unit

  • certificate.certificateAsBuffer opt ArrayBuffer

    Signer certificate in bin format

  • subject Object

    Individual who owns a certificate. In case valid===false certificate may not exists (or broken) and this property is empty object

  • subject.DRFO opt Object

    Individual DRFO (of ID card number in some cases)

  • subject.fullName Object

    Individual full name. Can be empty for stamps?

  • String

    Individual location country

  • subject.locality String

    Individual location locality

  • subject.eMail opt String

    Individual e-mail

  • opt String

    Individual phone number

  • organization Object

    Organization where individual who owns a certificate works. In case of self-employed individual all fields are empty

  • organization.EDRPOU String

    Organization EDRPOU

  • organization.orgName String

    Organization EDRPOU

  • organization.digitalStampName String

    In case certificate.isDigitalStamp===true contains stamp name

  • organization.position String

    Position of individual within the organization

  • organization.orgUnit opt String

    Department within the organization where individual works