Structure passed as a parameter for all entity level scripting methods

# new ubMethodParams ()


# dataStore : TubDataStore instance

Data Store associated with current method execution context. If initialized - will be added to client response

# externalCall : Boolean instance

Indicate current method execution initiated by external caller (client). If false - this method is called from server.

# mParams : TubList instance

In/Out method parameters. All parameters added or modified in this object is passed back to client In case method is called from client mParams is a serialized request body

# originalParams : TubList instance

Params caller pass to HTTP request.

# skipOptimisticLock : Boolean instance

Do not check row modification date while execute statement.


# preventDefault () instance

Do not call methods of other mixins with the same method name. This mean if preventDefault() is called in the overridden beforeselect, only beforeselect of mixin method will not be called. Useful if we want to override original method implementation by our own implementation.

See ubm_form.update implementation for usage sample.