JavaScript Style Guide

UnityBase command line helpers

CLI classes for working with command line args, connecting to UnityBase server, bulk data loading.



# argv : argv static

Command-line utils for connecting to a UnityBase server

# createDBConnectionPool static

Create a database connection pool from current config

# csv : csv1 static

CSV data parser

# dataLoader : dataLoader static

Bulk data loader from CSV/arrays

# FileBasedStoreLoader : FileBasedStoreLoader static

ORM select method implementation using files as a data source. Used for loading files & transforming it content to TubCachedData format

# GC_KEYS static

Well known keys used to store data in the App.globalCache

# NPM_EPOCH static

File modified time for files installed by npm

# options : options static

Parse a command line options & environment variables

# releaseDBConnectionPool static

Release previously created connection pool

# ServerRepository : ServerRepository static

Server side & CLI side Repository

# SyncConnection : SyncConnection static

Synchronous connection to external UB server

# uba_common : uba_common static

Constants for administrative security model

# ubVersionNum : number static

Numeric representation of process.version. For example 'v5.14.1' -> 5014001

# Worker : Worker static

Execute a script in a dedicated thread