new UBEntityAttribute(attributeInfo: object, attributeCode: string, entity: UBEntity)#


allowNull : boolean instance #

Attribute value can be empty or null

allowSort : boolean instance #

Allow order by clause by this attribute

associatedEntity : string instance #

Name of entity referenced by the attribute (for attributes of type Many - entity name from the AssociationManyData)

associationManyData instance #

For attributes of type Many - name of the many-to-many table. UB create system entity with this name and generate table during DDL generation

Name Type Description
caption : string instance #

cascadeDelete : Boolean instance #

For attributes of type Entity enable cascade deletion on application server level (not on database level)

code : string instance #

customSettings : object instance #

dataType : UBDomain.ubDataTypes instance #

Data type

defaultValue : string instance #

defaultView : boolean instance #

If true - client should shows this attribute in auto-build forms and in '*' select fields

description : string instance #

documentation : string instance #

enumGroup instance #

For attributes of type Enum - code of enumeration group from ubm_enum.eGroup

Name Type Description
enumGroup string
generateFK : boolean instance #

For attributes of type Entity. If false - bypass foreign key generation by DDL generator

hasCatalogueIndex instance #

Index of type CATALOGUE exists for attribute

Name Type Description
hasCatalogueIndex boolean
isMultiLang instance #

Name Type Description
isUnique : boolean instance #

mapping : UBEntityAttributeMapping instance #

Optional mapping of attribute to physical data (for extended domain info only). Calculated from a entity mapping collection in accordance with application connection configuration

name : string instance #

physicalDataType instance #

Name Type Description
physicalDataType string
readOnly : Boolean instance #

Edition allowed (not verified by server side)

size : number instance #

storeName : string instance #

For attributes of type Document - name of BLOB store from application storeConfig. If empty - default store will be used


asPlainJSON()→object instance #

Return a JSON representation of attribute WITHOUT properties which have default values

getAssociatedEntity()→UBEntity instance #

Return associated entity or null if type of attribute !==Entity.