Mixin mStorage - Implements CRUID operations with entities (ORM) #


Mixin adds select, insert, update, delete and addnew methods to entity.

TODO - samples

Optimistic locking #

Introduction #

Let's say we have entity m_balance with 2 attributes - person and amount and one row in DB (Alice, 100$).

Manager Alex wants to decrease Alice's amount by 10$ and manager Bob - by 5$. As a result Alice's amount should be 85$.

  1. at 12:00 manager Alex opens Alice's balance in browser for editing. He sees that the initial amount is 100$, decreases it by 10$ to 90$ and goes to drink coffee without saving the form.
  2. on 12:01 user Bob opens the same form in his browser for editing. He also sees that the initial amount is 100$ (because Alex did not save the record), decreases it by 5$ to 95$ and saves the record.
  3. at 12:10 Alex returns from coffee break, sees that he has not saved the form (with amount 90$) and saves it.

As a result Alice's amount is equal to 90$ in the database and this is not a result we expect 😦

But if we enable Optimistic locking feature for m_balance entity, then on the step 3 Bob receives a message "Record was modified by another user". In this case he will refresh the form, see the new amount 90$ modified by Alex, decrease it by 5$ to 85$ and save new amount.

Implementation details #

Configuration #

To enable Optimistic locking for entity set mixins.mStorage.simpleAudit to true in entity *.meta file:

"mixins": {
    "mStorage": {
        "simpleAudit": true

In this case 5 attributes will be added to entity (and 5 field to database by DDL generator):

  • mi_owner record owner. Initial value is user who create the record
  • mi_createDate record creation date
  • mi_createUser user who create the record
  • mi_modifyDate last modification date
  • mi_modifyUser user who modify record

Client (browser) side workflow #

While creation of form for editing record adminUI will check domain metadata and if simpleAudit is enabled will add attribute mi_modifyDate to the list of fields retrieved from server:

let entity = $App.domainInfo.get(entityName)
if (entity.mixins.mStorage && entity.mixins.mStorage.simpleAudit) {

While constructing of update query adminUI from will add value of mi_modifyDate to the execParams passed to server for update:

    entity: 'entityName',
    execParams: {
        ID: recordID,
        attr1: 'new value',
        mi_modifyDate: VALUE RETRIEVED ON SELECT 

Server side workflow #

On the server side mStorage.update method will check simpleAudit is enabled, and if so - compare value of mi_modifyDate passed from client with mi_modifyDate from selectBeforeUpdate.

If values is equal then mi_modifyDate value is set equal to the date when the request came to the server and record is updated in the DB.

If mi_modifyDate value in DB not equal to value passed in client request server throw error.

Developer can bypass optimistic locking by passing __skipOptimisticLock parameter to misc for update.

Soft deletion #

If soft deletion is enabled for mStorage mixin records not actually deleted by delete method, but marked as deleted. Select method will skip such "makred as deleted" records.

To enable soft deletion for entity set mixins.mStorage.safeDelete to true in entity *.meta file:

"mixins": {
    "mStorage": {
        "safeDelete": true

In this case 2 attributes will be added to entity (and 2 field to database by DDL generator):

  • mi_deleteDate date tim eof deletion. If record is not deleted value of this attribute ie equal to []#maxdate macros value](/api/server-v5/ServerRepository.html#where) what means record IS NOT DELETED
  • mi_deleteUser user who delete record. null for active records

By default Repository will return only active records. To select all records, including marked as deleted use misc with __allowSelectSafeDeleted flag.