WebDav (UB Enterprise Edition)

Add @ub-e/web-dav module to your app

npm i --save @ub-e/web-dav

And use it in your model main file with appropriate provider.

const WebDav = require('@ub-e/web-dav')
const WebDavBlobStoreProvider = require('@ub-e/web-dav/providers/webDavBlobStoreProvider')
const WebDavFsProvider = require('@ub-e/web-dav/providers/webDavFileSystemProvider')
  .addProvider(new WebDavBlobStoreProvider({
    name: 'doc',
    entities: ['tst_document']
  .addProvider(new WebDavFsProvider({
    name: 'fs',
    path: process.configPath

WebDavFsProvider expose a folder process.coonfigPath as WebDav root (do not do such on production!!)

To access files use URL:

  • on Windows \\localhost@8881\folders\fs in Explorer
  • on Linux dav://localhost:8881/folders/fs into Files -> Other locations

WebDavBlobStoreProvider expose all BLOB attributes for tst_document entity. Content can be opened directly by Word, Excel, Notepad etc. using URL \\localhost@8881\folders\doc\tst_document\fileStoreSimple\332468137394197\0.docx, where:

  • tst_document - entity code
  • fileStoreSimple - BLOB attribute code
  • 332468137394197 - instance ID
  • 0 - reserved for version. Current implementation support only 0
  • docx - file extension

Editable content

  • WebDavBlobStoreProvider allow to save BLOB to server in case entity support locking (softLock mixin is added to entity)
  • WebDavFsProvider allow to save files back to server for ANY authorised user


Current implementation support ONLY Negotiate authentication, so Negotiate must be present in the security.authenticationMethods of the application config.

Implementing your provider

Every provider should be inherited from CustomWebDavProvider and implement all abstract method of base class