Using WebDav

Add @ub-e/web-dav module to your app

npm i --save @ub-e/web-dav

And use it in your model main file with appropriate provider. Sample below expose all application files to internet - do not do this in production environment

const WebDav = require('@ub-e/web-dav')
const FsProvider = require('@ub-e/web-dav/providers/webDavFileSystemProvider')
  .addProvider(new FsProvider({
    startsWith: 'fs',
    path: process.configPath

Now all application files is accessible from internet

  • on Windows using \\localhost:8881\fs in Explorer
  • on Linux type dav://localhost:8881/fs into Files -> Other locations


Current implementation support ONLY Negotiate authentication, so Negotiate must be present in the security.authenticationMethods key of application ubConfig

Implementing your provider

Every provider should be inherited from CustomWebDavProvider and implement all abstract method of base class

Available providers

  • webDavFileSystemProvider - expose any folder from server file system
  • webDavDocAttrProvider - TODO http[s]:\\sever:port\rootName\entity\attribute\id\main.ext