@unitybase/adminui-pub #

Added #

4.2.49 2018-02-16 #
  • new @cfg parameter for ubdetailgrid - forceDataLoad. If set to true will force grid to create and load underline store even if grin is placed onto inactive tab

Fixed #

4.2.52 2018-02-28 #
  • fix value serialization for attributes of type Many (BoxSelect, UBBoxSelect) - remove space inside CSV
  • ubdetailgrid: fix bug on validateedit event for row row editing grid

@unitybase/ub-pub #

Changed #

4.5.0 2018-02-24 #
  • BREAKING Native messages features moved to the modules in @ub-e namespace. Depending on feature required for application add a @ub-e/nm-docedit, @ub-e/nm-pdfsign or @ub-e/nm-scanner to application packages (don't need to add to a domain models)

@unitybase/ub #

Added #

5.0.0 2018-02-13 #
  • UB.blobStores interface for working with BLOBs content
  • new entity ub_blobHistory for storing BLOB store revision's information instead of *.fti files
  • BLOB stores "Monthly" and "Daily" sizes"
  • automatically creation of BLOB store structure - no need to call ubcli createStore anymore. In case of DFS folders should be created/mounted manually

@unitybase/ubcli #

Fixed #

1.2.7 2018-02-01 #
  • PostgreSQL DDL generator: DROP INDEX script syntax

@unitybase/ubs #

Added #

4.1.43 2018-02-17 #
  • New report type 'xlsx'. For detail see report 'xlsxExample'
  • New function for format data types "number" and "date" as string for reports. List of function see in formatFunction.js

@unitybase/xlsx #

Added #

4.1.6 2018-02-17 #
  • Converter from HTML to XLSX. Simple example:
const {XLSXWorkbook, XLSXfromHTML} = require('xlsx')
const xmldom = require('xmldom')
const wb = new XLSXWorkbook({useSharedString: false})
const converter = new XLSXfromHTML(xmldom.DOMParser, wb, [{name: 'Sheet'}])
converter.writeHtml({html: yourHtmlString})
let content = wb.render()
content = Buffer.from(content)
fs.writeFileSync('./testHtml.xlsx', content, 'binary')

Full example './_examples/testHtml.js'