ub-server #

Added #

5.0.0 2018-03-03 #
  • CI script will bump build version (from versioninfo.json) for ub executable and deb package
  • model configuration in ubConfig application.domain.models can contains only 'path'. In this case model name, isPublic and publicPath will be taken from model package.json "config.ubmodel" section

@unitybase/adminui-pub #

Fixed #

4.2.54 2018-03-21 #
  • prevent double downloading of document when clicking on document link
  • prevent opening of new tab browser when click on document link in the inserting mode
  • ubboxselect can be used for attributes with dataType: Enum (will use this.valueField for data)
4.2.53 2018-03-03 #
  • setValue in ubcobbobox on ubdetailgrid with rowEditing plugin if use 'Select from dictionary'
  • clear Value in ubcobbobox befor row edit on ubdetailgrid with rowEditing plugin
  • fix coping of line numbering for rowEditing ubdetailgrid

@unitybase/ubs #

Added #

4.1.47 2018-03-05 #
  • ubs_settings.addOrUpdateKey function